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The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is 100% focused on investor protection because there is little to no oversight of Wall Street or Main Street when in comes to stock brokers, investment advisors, or investment opportunities. Each year thousands of US citizens lose millions of dollars to what would seem to be an endless number stock broker, investment advisor investment schemes, investment opportunities or too good to be true real estate deals that frequently fail.

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog's primary mission is to prevent investors from getting duped before it happens, or by providing them the best possible resources if an investor has been duped by a stock broker, an investment advisor, or by a too good to be true investment opportunity.  

Before an investor invests a dime in a high yield investment opportunity, real estate deal or business opportunity, they are encouraged to use the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog's due diligence service.  Its your money.  Our service is designed to protect it. 


The WALL STREET FRAUD WATCHDOG is focused on small, or large investor protection. If you are an investor, we will try to prevent a disaster before it happens, utilizing a very skilled team of experts. If you are an investor who has been duped by a stock broker, or an investment advisor we are here to help you.


Our Services Include:

  • Helping investors get their money back if their stock broker, or investor advisor has cheated them

  • Due diligence for an investor before they buy into a too good to be true investment opportunity.
  • EB 5 Visa Program Due Diligence for residential, multi family, commercial or industrial real estate nationwide
  • Residential Real Estate acquisition for foreign investors including due diligence, inspections, and if needed renovations per the specifications of the client.


Talk to the Wall Street Fraud watchdog before you invest. If you feel like you have been victimized by your stock broker, your bank or your investment advisor you can call the WALL STREET FRAUD WATCHDOG anytime at 866-714-6466.







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